I did, I didn't

Well, we made it through Birthdaypalooza 2013...
and by 8p.m., we were all ready for bed...
I now have a 6 year old and a 2 year old...sniff sniff
I will have a full picture recap tomorrow because I forgot my camera card and therefore cannot download all the fun.

I didn't get to Bootcamp this morning, Kyle and I like to work together so we decided we would tonight after the boys went to sleep.  Hitting up some P90X arms. 

I did have a yummy Udi's Cinnamon Raisin Egg Sandwhich
I didn't listen to the news telling us that we are supposed to get a snowstorm, I have plans mother nature, try to keep your snow to yourself

I did get a lunchtime #runch in that included some treadmill hill intervals

I did get a great TurboFire workout in on Saturday, and I was SORE the next day!..I am so excited to start my challenge for this program with other participants.  More details to come later.
Reebok tank and MPGSport capris...polarft40 heart rate monitor

I did, sign up for this Inversion Workshop on Saturday
I did sign up for this Adamantine Yoga Immersionin March...

And lastly, I didn't forget to count my blessing for a great weekend spent with family!


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