A "no" vote

So when I left off yesterday I was getting ready to head to the rec center to vote for our new gym...

We voted, we played, we ate supper at his parents house, and saw some sad news....

Booo!!! Disappointed in the lack of support for the community and this immense need, but we are going to regroup, hold more meetings, provide more information and try again in 6 months. 

Woke up to the sultry sound of my alarm at 5 a.m. where I sweated profusely to a great workout at Bootcamp

Enjoyed a mocha protein shake for breakfast

Apples and Almond Butter for a snack

A spinach/chicken/strawberry/salsa salad for lunch side note: I think salsa is the best lettuce "dressing" ever

And tonight we are celebrating this......

Have a wonderful night all!!!


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