A great way to start the morning


I have had a fantastic morning....won't you join me in a recap...
 "how my morning went" 
Woke up to head into bootcamp per my normal routine.  Car was started and heating up and there was a sweet treat waiting for my...Dark Chocolate Dove...my favorite
 Got my bootcamp on.....
 Then came home to 3 roses from my 3 boys and a very cute card.  They were so proud and the smiles from them were too precious....

 I would say I am the luckiest mom/wife. 
I would say Kyle is doing a great job at teaching the boys how to treat a girl.
  (should I ever choose to let either of my boys date)


  1. You are definitely having a stellar Valentine's Day so far, the pic above of your son is too sweet! Hope it continues to go well! I woke-up to a card & chocolates, lucky gal also :)


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