A Birthday letter to Eliyas..or Big E as you know him

Both my boys were born in February so this is one busy birthday month....it was not planned that way, ...but that is how it went  and it has worked out perfectly

My littlest baby turns 2 today..... 2.  I remember him being born like it was yesterday

I have been blessed with two amazing children...and to be able to watch them grow, and teach them things scares the crap  humbles me everyday....

Big E,

My last born, my finale

Where do I begin, it has only been two years and you have already brought so much to our lives...
Right now, your favorite thing is your brother, your protector, when he is not smothering you, you think he is the funniest thing in the world...i pray your bond with him grows stronger and stronger

  Your favorite food is “pissa”  

And you like things to be the way you like them to be and you let us know that

You fear nothing at this point and think you can do whatever your brother does...I fear we may be visiting the ER for stitches or casts

 Your fashion sense leaves something to be desired at times, but it only shows that you are independent and unique

You could literally eat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
You love your dogs and don't mind their slobbery kisses...in return they protect you....and knock you over
You are so unbelieveably smart...your vocabulary astounds us, and we love hearing you learn new things each and everyday,
and your favorite word is no.......................not my favorite

Big E, you rock our world... and I thank God everyday that I was chosen to be your mommy..and that I get to kiss your "owies" and make everything better....

We hope you had a great birthday, and we look forward to many more birthdays, moments, and days with you.

Mom, Dad, and Bubba


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