Yesterday I was sidelined, by a "food mishap" or a "virus", I don't know but I was miserable and spent the majority of my day visiting the little ladies needless to say I felt like doing nothing...or blogging for that matter...

I went through the motions at Bootcamp,  trudged through the day at work, made supper for the boys, put the wee ones to bed, and then cashed out....but good news...
And I am ready to roll.........
(B wanted to take a picture of me while we were waiting for the bus)
Led Bootcamp this a.m.
I am hoping to log some miles on the ole treadmill tonight and a get in a nice yoga session..
 Breakfast...I needed to refuel from yesterday's "fast":)
IsaLean Chocolate Shake
Unsweetened Almond Milk
I seriously cannot believe it is the last week in January.  Where did the month go?  Our February is crazy with two birthday boy celebrations! 

59 degrees here right now, new record....
Of course, there is going to be a gradual decline in temperature today with a winter watch snowstorm for tonight and tomorrow...
Only in Iowa!


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