I feel bad for Monday mornings, they get a bad rap...
Monday=beginning of work week
Monday=no more weekend fun

I am not a fan of them myself, but I also feel that they are a chance to reboot. 

Sometimes we "fall off the resolution/goal"  wagon, splurge a little too much, overindulge...been there done that

Monday's can be a clean prioritize our goals, and knock em dead this week!! Get back into your routine, meal plan, and be active!

Luckily, I know when that 5 am bootcamp alarm rolls around that my weekly routine is about to begin...

 Breakfast was my usual scrambled eggs, spinach, avocado
Side of grapes
Iced Coffee and  (Archer Farms/Target Gingerbread Latte)
Vanilla Almond Milk
best coffee I have ever tasted....but I don't think it is a regular
 Lunch looks a little pasty white doesn't it.  It was really good.  I had a peice of baked cod, and a peice of crustless bacon quiche, mixed them together and it was so good.  Watermelon

I can mix foods together, but my brother in law cannot have them mix
....he is weird like that:)

Do you have to have all your foods separated on your plate?


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