Good Morning!

I am enjoying a nice iced green tea as we speak, quite refreshing...

I think I actually prefer it cold. 

Kyle is a huge green tea drinker...

Random facts you didn't need to know...

Bootcamp was a bit of a cardio burner today, the sweat was pouring down...

My abs were sore from my yoga strength session last night, so they were on fire this morning.

 UnderArmour capris and tech shirt
PolarFT40 heart rate monitor

I refilled my egg stash last night, so I was so happy to have my morning usual breakfast:

Egg scramble, complete with spinach, sweet mini peppers, and ketchup
Costco Kirklands Multigrain Bread with Nikkis Coconut Butter

Wrestling meet on the schedule tonight for the older two, while Big E and I play at home...I need to make some almond flour muffins and hope on the treadmill for some halfmarathon training tonight..6xHill



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