Perks and Fitmixer

One of the "perks" of my job is a monthly lunch outing with the tenants of our retirement facility. 

It gives me a chance to find new restaurants that I nor the tenants would probably go to, I am a creature of habit, and give them a try

Today's venture was Noodles and Company. 
 I ordered The Veggie Med, and it was FANTASTIC

The service was great, our food came out quick, and the staff were very courteous. If you are near one and haven't tried it yet, I would suggest giving them a whirl!

Before I got to have all the fun at lunch though, I got to start my morning off with some bootcamp

And some refueling breakfast
Blueberry Fitmixer Shake

 I am taking part in the Fitmixer Bootcamp for 6 weeks. 

Why Casey are you adding more "bootcamps" to your workout plan you ask? 

  Not gonna lie it is mostly for the product, I was sent some samples and LOVED THEM! You get an insane amount of product for a really great price, plus there was a Christmas sale and I got it at an even better price. 
But, I am doing the workouts too and they are looking to be tough
just at a different rotation then planned, I fit them in when I can.  
I will let you know what I think at the end of the 6 weeks. 


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