Moo point

What's the point of washing your car when you live on gravel...

there is none...

It's moo...

most of my life quotes come from watching Friends and this episode immediately came to my mind

but my OCD takes over and I have to wash it...and it is a heat wave here in Iowa..40 degrees at 6 a.m. 

Last night's supper was a hodge podge for everybody....

Macaroni and Cheese for the boys

I was feeling yogurty/cerealy

There is some Larabar in there, Quaker Oats Squares, Cascadian Farms O's, Chobani Plain Yogurt, and blueberries

After strength training my legs, I spent the night putting away clothes. 

Kyle was on a laundry kick and I had piles to put away...

Bootcamp this morning, a nice fat burning one

Breakfast was a "usual"
1 egg, 2 egg white scramble
Kirklands Multigrain Bread
Half a banana
1 tblsp of almond butter
Chia seeds sprinkled on top
We are heading back to my ole college stomping grounds Saturday to watch my cousin play basketball.

I wonder if they rolled out the red carpets yet for me....I kid...kind of:)

But my cousin is a superstud and we all love watching her dominate!!

I haven't posted a workout in a while but Iwill have one for you tomorrow.  And it is going to be a be a doozy. 


  1. That banana toast looks SO soooo good to me right now!
    I'm new to your blog and wanted to say, you're great!

    1. Thank you so much Shannon for stopping by and checking out my blog. Your kind words are very much appreciated!!! Have a great day!


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