"Love is in the air" partner workout

Don't be jealous but this what I get to see every morning....
Every time he goes into a room he comes out with a new pair of shoes.....

 We are iced in this morning, except for Kyle who is a volunteer fireman, and has to respond to accidents(where he is at as I write)

Since Big E was up early, so was I, so I have baked eggs(recipe coming), baked almond flour banana muffins, and 3 loads of laundry....BAZINGA!

Bubba is still sleeping, he had a late night...that is another post

So onto the workout Kyle and I got in Saturday morning.  I love working out with Kyle so to incorporate our workouts together is always fun. 
Love was in the air at first and then it just turned to pain and burning as the workout progressed.  Fun times! 

Do you ever do workouts with your partner, husband, etc?  I know when Kyle and I workout together, I am alwasy pushing myself because I cannot let him show me up:)


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