How to get your Yoga on without leaving your home

In the past couple weeks I have a quite a few questions on how to begin a yoga practice or where they could try yoga without having to go to an actual class.
As  a Yoga Instructor I plan most/all of my "sessions" but love the class experience of bonding with other "yogi" enthusiasts while posing our way through practice

....schedules being what they are do not allow actual class  time for me so I tap into these resources for a "class" experience 

Here are my picks for getting your yoga on without going to a class!

1. YogaGlo

The classes range from very beginner to very advanced and they have specialty classes for runners, pregnancy, etc.  I have loved every single one of their classes that I have taken.  

Go here to register and begin a 15 day free trial.  The cost is $18/month thereafter. 


With YogaDownload you have options:

1. Buy Classes ala Carte

2. Purchase a Subscription Membership

3. Try out the free classes

4. You also have the option of choosing video, audio (pose guides are included)

I enjoyed the classes I tried from here. They offer quite a few types of yoga, so it was fun to try out new and different practices from my own.


This is a great resource for any type of "Yogi", I frequent this site to make sure I am doing my poses correctly and to see progression steps for difficult poses.  They do have some video but I think the longest one is 35 minutes.  

 4. Yoga Podcasts

Podcasts are more for the "experienced" yogi.  Since podcasts are audio classes  it is necessary to know the poses to be able to follow along. So if you are in a bind with no computer, no nothing, just your ipod or iphone, these podcasts can help you. (these are my personal podcasts, of which I like, I am not saying you have to like them too)

5.  TheWetjck

Yes this is my youtube channel(shameless plug) and yes I am working on my own yoga videos/workout videos.  So please subscribe and stay tuned, it is going to be lots o' fun!

I hope this list helps you out as you begin your Yoga adventure.  If you have any furthur questions, please comment below!


  1. I always say I need to get into Yoga... and I never do! All these resources (esp your youtube channel!) will help! ;)

    1. I love all of them, so many options! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. These are great! One my goals this year is to develop a home practice so I can save some money but it's been hard to know where to start!

    1. Thank you! These are a great place to start and save money!

  3. i love all these resources! they have such variety too. Even the 20 minute ones are awesome.

    1. Thanks my dear! Most of the times, I only have time for the 20 minute ones and I agree they are awesome!

  4. Very interesting stuff! I've been wanting to try yoga meditation, but not sure if that's offered online or only in a class.

    1. Thanks Noelle. I have done a couple of the meditation ones through yogaglo and really liked them.


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