Full night ahead

Good Morning lovelies!

I love being woke up to the sounds of dogs whining(they heard coyotes outside) and then listening to them bark:)

My kids are a piece of cake compared to my furbabies!

Last night was volleyball night(victorious, but it was a battle, we only had 4 players so we were sweating, loved it) so the boys and I enjoyed Almond Flour Pancakes...which we all thought were very good!

Woke up this morning to 100's day at Bootcamp
Enjoyed a Mocha IsaLean Shake with spinach
And I will be enjoying this as my mid morning snack, my favorite combo at the moment...cottage cheese and pears

I need my food fuel today, busy night ahead....taking the car in to get fixed, lovely, then we head straight to the gym so Kyle and B can be recognized for little kids wrestling during the high school wrestling match.  Then Kyle heads to volleyball and I head home with the kiddos, get them in bed and start editing some workout and yoga videos, and possibly make some more...we will fit supper in there somewhere, I am thinking easy peasy quesadillys....

Do you eat fruit with your cottage cheese?


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