Catch Up

I am playing catchup today, 
apparently I am suffering from alzheimers because I could of swore I scheduled a blog post yesterday...apparently not
...maybe I dreamt it

Bootcamp this a.m.  Some new exercises got the ole butt burning today...I didn't get an "action shot" so I  got a shot of them heading out the door

 Really working on my yoga...this is a variation of pigeon standing pigeon pose, and there are about 3 more steps in this pose that I have yet to acheive.  
Work in Progress

 Yesterday's Bootcamp

 Yesterday's Breakfast
IsaPro Shake

Breakfast this a.m.
Multigrain Bread with Almond Butter and Chia Seeds
2 eggs, 1 egg white scramble

Life is trudging along in our household, volleyball night for me tonight....

I have found a way to really work on my headstands and forearm handstands....and focus on balancing....videoing tonight and taking pictures. 


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