This perfectly describes our Bootcamp group on this morning...
 or I should say one person in particular who is a bit ornery, but I won't name names...cough...Tonya...cough...
mpgsport capris, polarft40 heart rate monitor
Another egg breakfast and some iced coffee
Iced coffee courtesy of the best coffee and stovetop espresso brewer ever....

I had mentioned how busy our night was going to be and it was but it was a lot of fun too. We got to watch Bubba and Kyle (coach) walk across the floor in recognition of the little kids wrestling program. 
 I think Big E was more tuned into the wrestling cheerleaders pounding and smacking their hands on the mat doing cheers, then to the actual wrestling meet

 SO intent...
hopefully he is thinking
"man I wish I could be shooting hoops"  #basketballmom
And some video from the night......

Stomach is grumbling, thank goodness it is almost lunchtime

What are you having for lunch today? Not sure for me, I think salad.  No leftovers so I am winging it.


  1. I love you Casey!! I am so excited I made it in your blog :P... Yes I brabble a lot but it is all in love.... Thanks for pushing me this morning and helping me not slack on those band suitcases... I will be nicer to you down the road :) Have a good weekend.


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