Active Rest Day

I am not the type of person who can just sit down and "relax" 

I am either cleaning, playing with my kids, doing laundry, etc...something to keep me busy

So I never have a rest day, mine are active rest days, and that works for me

Today was no different.

After our 5 a.m. wake up call by Big E, who was ready to play, I figured I better get some things done....

Almond Flour donuts....check
Costco trip....check
Set up at work since I am not working tomorrow...check
Hy-Vee for work related stuff....check

Oh, and it's freezing out,  I want our 48 degree weather back

Luckily our Costco was built with a huge covered parking garage

My traveling/work/shopping partner in crime
 My "Graceland"
 Costco has become my go to place for all things produce, since we go through so much.  I get a much better deal buying in bulk. 

Almond Flour Donuts(recipe coming tomorrow)
Turkey Breast
Kirkland's Multigrain Bread(1 slice)
Tostitos Black Bean Chips

I did squeak in a 60 minute yoga session while Big E was napping and the other two were farming.  My legs were still sore from the lifting session on Thursday.  Yowzers.  Back at it tomorrow. 

I posted a Partner WOD workout on Saturday from my phone.  The hubby and I enjoyed this one. 

Capris: Old Navy Active Line, Shirt: Under Armour, Shoes: Mizuno, Watch: Polar FT40
Just a few pictures from my cousin's basketball game. Honestly, our family took up one whole section half of the bleachers, it was awesome!  She won her game!
And a picture with her biggest littlest fans!
 And the cousins!
So there in ends my weekend.  Jam packed with family and fun.  

Do you like to workout with your husband?
We rarely get to with schedules and kids but certainly enjoy it when we do!


  1. Ooh I love love my Costco, but it gets SO crowded... I can't even get in anymore. I haven't been in months, and its making me sad!

    I don't like working out with my dude... he's very cautious about my wellness, so even though I am *much* more knowledgeable about exercise he keeps telling me to "be careful" "don't use so much weight" etc. etc. :-)

    1. Our Costco is very efficient and gets people through in quick style. Why is he so cautious? if you know what you are doing, I say lift away!!! Thanks or stopping by!


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