A receptive morning at Bootcamp

Good Afternoon all. I hope your day is going fantastically!

I started off the morning, yelling, encouraging , whipping the 5:30a.m. Bootcamp class into shape....they were not so receptive and I was called a few choice words:)

Enjoyed a two ingredient pancake for breakfast
I chose the scrambled version today with some almond butter
Lunch was a spinach/romaine salad with baked chicken breast, chock full of veggies
Sweet potatoes on the side

And now on to some business....

When I read a recent post by Sarah Fit  regarding a company I  had just done a review for called  P.V. Body I felt I needed to let you my readers no what was going on. 
The way pv.body works is the company offers to send you a name-brand workout outfit each month for $49.99. As a Fitness junkie, this concept was absolutely brilliant! I  loved the first outfit I was sent. My top didn't fit right, but i quickly received a replacement top and their customer service was very courteous and fast.

But, as Sarah’s post explains, the company is now switching all the subscriptions so they no longer receive discounted name-brand apparel, but items from their own clothing line they are launching, called Ellie.

Subscribers will be able to choose their pieces before receiving them, which is nice, and it will probably decreases customer service returns

I wanted the "name brand clothing for less" concept, instead, customers are receiving their Ellie brand.

I am not comfortable promoting a company that can change the service they offer without letting us know about it..I wanted to share this information because I don't want you to feel that I was misleading you. I had no idea they were going to be doing this change up. 

If you did sign up for pv.body through my original post, just recognize the changes going on and be aware that you will now be getting their line of clothing, Ellie, and you might want to modify your monthly subscription.

I don't know what "Ellie" is like, if it is like higher brands or not. 

l am really really disappointed and really liked their concept they had going.  I love the clothing pieces I got, and  had nothing but a positive experience when dealing with them.

Just an FYI for you all.


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