3 miles and a Costco run

By 10 this morning I was hungry.  Luckily, I got some really great snack samples in the mail from SimplySnackin to try out and they are so good. I have only tried this one so far, and it has some kick to it, but it packs 11grams of protein and is gluten free....can't beat that!
Lunch was kind of boring and a hodge podge of items but still good. 
 Spinach salad with leftover Christmas Day turkey my mom sent home with me. 
Some carrots, a few black olives, and I threw some green beans on top 
Don't judge, it was very tasty 
Naturally I was hungry around 3 so I whipped up Isagenix Shake to tide me over till supper

I needed my strength for a quick Costco run, 20 minutes I was in and out...it was some kind of record..BAZINGA!

Supper was quick since Kyle and B were in town and Big E and I were late coming home from Costco.
Roasted Chicken, Spinach, and Havarti Cheese Paninis on Whole Wheat Flatout Bread
And once the boys were bathed, and in bed, I headed down to the treadmill for a easy 3 mile run, while watching the Biggest Loser, to begin my 1/2 marathon training, followed by some strength building Yoga!

And now I am off to bed....


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