2013 Goals...

The Christmas decorations have been put away...*sniff sniff*

And things are neat and tidy, for the moment..

While I was putting things away I really got to thinking about what my goals, not resolutions, were going to be for this year, and what I want to accomplish personally, physically, and bloggy:) 

I came up with this list...

  • Continue to be present in my children's lives, being active with them, playing with them, asking them about their days at school, etc...
  • Date night with hubby once a month..we have tried this before and were doing good and then just fell off the wagon...we are putting it back on the list:)
  • I have a lot of clothes just sitting in tubs waiting to be donated/resold and I really want to get that out of my house by the end of January...
  • Continue to encourage clean eating/paleo in my household.  We do really well but I want to keep that focus...
  • Organize photos for each child
Fitness Goals

  • Continue to focus on my yoga practice daily, pushing myself out of my comfort zone
  • Teach more yoga
  • Run 1 race a month from April to December
  • Log 1000 miles this year running
  • Complete a Tough Mudder
  • Complete a Triathlon
  • Write for a fitness magazine, online website, etc. 
  • Attend Blend Retreat in Utah
  • Compete in a Fitness Competition
Blog Goals
Improve photography(maybe take a class)
More vlogs
Offer more video workouts featuring yoga and cardio/strength
Market myself/blog to brands locally and nationally

So there you have it, some resolutions for the New Year!  I have got a lot on my plate so I better get cracking!  

Thank you to all my new followers.  I hope you find some helpful tips and tricks on my blog.  Any questions, please feel free to ask!


Personal, Fitness, and Bloggy


  1. Love the goals :)

    So sad to put away my Xmas decorations :(

    1. Thank you! Yes, very sad, but I love how clean my house is right now:)


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