Treadmill Fun returns

Hello all! I am just posting now as I am just getting off work...

We had our Holiday Open House today, and it went fantastic.

I was the runner.....

I had to make sure all food trays were filled, all refreshments were full, etc...

me and my "clipboard of fun"

Pre-Holiday Open House I got a  great workout in utilizing the treadmill, a shoulder specific weights, and a dash of yoga.

Breakfast to fuel my "runner" status...
the usual egg scramble

Well I am off to check on my slow cooker ribs that have been simmering away all day.  The house smells pretty good, and I am thinking there are going to need a slathering of bbq sauce....

Despicable Me is on tonight on ABCFamily 25 days of Christmas, we absolutely love that movie.

Popcorn, Hot Chocolate, and possibly some ice cream are on our movie watching menu list.


  1. Love that picture of the yoga pose. I've got to take a class soon. I've never been to yoga but I know it would be a great addition to my routine.


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