The Fast and the Furious

Seems how our weekend are this time of year...

This weekend was no exception with the Open House on Saturday...

A photo dump:
Haircuts and spaghetti night, always messy!

 We received NO SNOW

part of me wishes we would of gotten a dusting but the commuter in me says thank goodness.....
I prefer snow on Christmas, and that is about the only time!
the temperatures weren't too cold, so we took a walk to grandmas house for lunch.

Like the leopard? So do I.  I was sent these Earbags(bandless earmuffs) by Sprigs and I love them.  I also love their Banjee Wrist Wallets  These Earbags "clip" onto your ear, and honestly stay put, I hardly notice I have them on they are so light yet very warming.  I have gone for runs, walks, and did chores(farmgirl) with these, and they didn't budge.

I also love how I can wear them even after I do my hair because they don't have a headband or something to slide over my head that messes up my hair. 

If you are looking for a Christmas present for your runner/workout friend, your farmgirl friend, or anyone, I highly suggest anything from Sprigs.

And speaking of working out (nice seque, right)

5a.m. Bootcamp this morning focused on arms

  I had put myself through a pretty rigourous vinyasa flow yoga workout yesterday afternoon, and I could feel it in my arms today...

Speaking of yoga, here is my #inversionarmy day #9
 This one was a doozy for me, hence the wall props. I am going to love working on this!

#day 8
#day 6 and #day 7
#day4 and #day3
#day2 and #day1
Breakfast was the usual!

1/2 a pear, B snatched the other half away

If you didn't catch it I did a treadmill workout Saturday morning that left me should try it!

Did you get snow where you lived?  

Sprigs sent me the Earbags to review. I was not compensated for my post, and all opinions are my own.


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