Pacific Roasted Red Pepper Soup

The temps have become quite cold....

Making me think warm, snuggly, comforting food thoughts....

I had to stop and get milk.....

And ran across this.....
and it sounded so good, so I swooped it up, along with some Havarti cheese

because what is tomato soup without grilled cheese......

French Bread slices
Slice of Havarti Cheese
Sprinkled with Dill
Grilled to melty pefection....

And I was warm, snuggly, and comforted...delicious success

Got a 30 minute yoga session in tonight after the boys were in bed...and then worked on my forearm handstand because I knew no matter how hard I tried i wasn't going to be able to get the #inversionarmy #day10 pose

I did, however, hold forearm handstand for a good 5 seconds...

thanks to Kyle for helping assist me....(ignore the unflattering belly shot please:)


  1. So awesome. I held forearm stand once for about 5 seconds and it was one of my proudest accomplishments. You look great.

    1. Thanks Christine. You are always so sweet! I felt kind of funny putting it on there and hearing people say oh, 5 seconds, wow, but it is a huge accomplishment! Congrats to you too!

  2. WOo hoo!!! Way to go! I have yet to try scares me a little!


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