It's my Friday.....

I love the feeling knowing today is your last day of work for the week.....

And that my tomorrow will be spent hanging out with this hottie......

while we shop till we drop, have lunch, and get shots.....

Yep, that is right, 2 wee ones are getting their flu shots, 1 big one gets his Tetanus/Whooping Cough shot...and let me tell you, they are thrilled....

I am thrilled I don't have to get a shot, lord knows I will need to comfort all 3 of them....

Yesterday Big E spent the afternoon with me at work..
and destroyed my office,
but he was so good...and I am lucky that I work for such great people who allow him to hang out with me

Last night was spent with family celebrating Kyle's Grandpa, who turned 90.. we enjoyed pizza, cookies, and chaos....(notice no girls, yeah, we don't produce girls, all boys)

 Great Grandpa sure loves watching the boys ram around and gets such a kick out of them!  We are so lucky to be able to spend these birthdays with him! 

After the pizza party I had to hustle to volleyball league(yes we won)

I was not able to do my yoga or practice my inversions last night so I will post them tonight after my practice and the boys go to bed!

5 a.m. Bootcamp came quickly this morning

Egg Scramble
1/2 a pear

Kyle is very lucky to have all of his grandparents still alive and doing well. 
Up until a couple of years ago he still had a great grandma living.   

I have one grandma and one grandpa remaining who are still as ornery as ever:)

How old are your grandparents?


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