It's the Most Wonderful Time of the recap

Good Morning...err...afternoon everyone.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I had family visiting for our Annual Santa visit at the mall..and this year we were packing two extra babies so we were pretty much a caravan making our way through the mall and to Santa.

But we got er done....

Our Crew....
 Waiting for Santa in the Playland
 My sister's family
 My family( my mom is new to smartphone technology)
my dad get some good ones with a digital camera but forgot to upload
Big E did like Santa contrary to this photo,
 I had just set him down, but once he saw that beard, he was intrigued...
Peanut, my other sister's new little girl 
(again, new to smartphone technology)
After the Santa visit we were starving, mastering 6 kids is a workout!  The people at Chic-Fil-A gave free kids meals to the kids who visited Santa!  BAZINGA!

And what trip to our mall is complete without a ride on the carousel. 
Why you ask, am I not on there with my child?  Well, simple, I get nauseous watching the carousel, so momma ain't getting on there. 
Grandma to the rescue!!!

Lastly on the home front...
we made cookies, B requested chocolate chip cookies, and then when we had the dough ready decided he wanted to decorate them(cut out cookies), we improvised
Sprinkle Chocolate Chip Cookies
There you have it, a quick recap of our weekend, family style  
Christmas Cut Out cookies are on the horizon for love making them with the kids...
It is the frosting of the cookies that takes forever
Do you frost or sprinkle? 
 I have learned since we make so many that we sprinkle it up quite a bit, and then I frost a dozen.  


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