Getting those workouts in over the Holidays

After enjoying some iced sugar cookies, chex mix, and lots of other goodies throughout the Christmas season, I was ready to get back to "clean" eating

I love to enjoy my mother's baking and cooking so when I am home I practice moderation, watch portion sizes, and don't go overboard, and make sure to get in some workouts....

My holiday season workouts:

Over Christmas I danced and sweated my butt off to Wii Dance 4.  (picture of my sisters and niece)

I cannot tell you how great of a workout that non-traditional but definitely got the heart pumping.  I want to wear my heart rate monitor next time and see what a "dance" session would burn....
We also got some sledding in with the kids, big hills=workout

I also snuck in a quick interval/elliptical workout in on Sunday night....
Elliptical 5 minutes
15 Lunges each leg
15 pushups
15 dips
15 step ups on piano bench

Repeat that 5 times

It was quick and effective and burned off those extra "sugar cookies"  :)

Christmas Eve I felt like running so while the Kyle and B were out doing farm stuff, and Big E was sleeping so I hopped on the treadmill for this short 4 mile jaunt...

Christmas Day we went sledding and trudging through the snow in snow gear is a workout in itself, and I got a great ab workout in while trying to stay on the sled while Kyle was pulling us with the four wheeler. Family sledding + workout= bonus
This morning brought us back to our regularly scheduled 5:30a.m Bootcamp followed by 10x400's on the treadmill, and shoulder work while the kids were still sleeping.
Under Armour Shirt, MPG Capris, and Mizuno Inspire shoes

I am planning to get some yoga in during nap time today so I can practice some invsersions...

How did your workouts go over the Holiday season? Are you back on track?


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