Baby's First Christmas Concert

At what point to do I stop calling my 5 year old my "baby"


Tonight is B's Kindergarten Christmas Concert and I am so excited to see him perform the songs he has been singing over and over and over at home. 

I am sure I will have picture overload after tonight but hey, I am a mom, I can do is my right!

Last nights supper was easy, simple, healthy, and quick...

Pear, Spinach, and Turkey Quesadilla
Sliced Pear
Sliced Turkey Breast
Reduced Fat Shredded Cheese
Whole Wheat Quesadilla

Spray pan with some coconut oil spray or whatever you use
Lay one tortilla flat in pan
Load one half with above mentioned ingredients
Fold over and place something heavy on top of it  to hold it down
Flip when it is nice and toasty to perfection

                  I love ABCFamily and their 25 days of Christmas programming.
           Last night was National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, one of my favorites

5 a.m. Bootcamp this morning was a cardio killer...
Breakfast was one of the "regulars"
Scramble with spinach
Half of my homemade ww waffles with pb/banana
 And I continue on with my yoga challenges 

#inversionarmy #day 3
#inversionarmy #day4

I don't veer from my breakfast routine much. Do you?  What are your favorite breakfasts?


  1. I want to do inversions! i stink at yoga which is why i should do it more! lovely!


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