Another Christmas down...

Only two more to go...

We love Christmas so we make it last...haha..

Actually, on my mom's side of the family, we just have collegiate athletes in our families who are playing out of state over Christmas break so we need to wait for them to get back....

And the my husbands side of the family, well, we just kind of just wing it and plan it whenever everyone is available..(still not scheduled)

Today we celebrated Christmas with Kyle's grandparents and extended family, who live in California, and Wisconsin...

RockEmSockEm Robots...Bazinga!!!
 Learning a new game
 Meeting of the minds
 My sister in law forced us to play scrabble all afternoon :)
 And what afternoon is complete without some twister and a 2 year old serenade on the piano

Big E didn't get a nap all day so he and I took off around 5 and he was cashed out by 5:30, so I took advantage and got in some great yoga.  I practiced my jump throughs, and am really getting close to nailing my handstands...I love seeing how I progress through yoga...mentally and physically!

I am changing up some things on my blog for the new year...more video workouts, yoga video workouts, and just more videos in general. 

Or at least I am going to make an honest attempt at it. 

I will give you the low down on it tomorrow. 

Have a great night all!


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