3-2-1 Snow Day Circuit

If I can make it through this day of work....If I can make it through this day of work...

This is my mantra today, luckily this guys is helping me(school cancelled)

I've got Christmas on the brain!

And, today(knock on wood) our house is flu free...my poor 5 year old had it Wednesday night and some of Thursday morning but then was ramming around by noon, fast and furious flu I guess

And we were snowed in yesterday due to a blizzard....Christmas Movies, Peppermint Bark, Cuddling with kids...ahhh, heaven!

I got back to bootcamp this morning.....

Did this workout yesterday, and busted my balls on it..

Enjoyed getting back to my #inversionarmy challenges

We had this ham last night for supper, and it was so good....Amana Bone In Ham, it was so juicy and full of flavor.  It was also large enough to feed 4 families, so I am freezing some for next weeks meals and taking some home tonight for Christmas!
We paired it with broccoli and sweet potatoes

Breakfasts, nothing new here....
2 kashi 7 grain waffles 
 Another egg scramble
1 egg
1 egg white
Red/Yellow Peppers
Healthy Choice 9 Grain Bread
Costco Organic Strawberry Spread

And, I am so flipping excited to get his work day done so we can get home to my parent's for Christmas....WOOHOO!! I might be more excited than the kids....

I am such a tool!


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