12 Days of Christmas workout

Where do the weekends go? 

We are just returning home from church and lunch/roughhousing with the cousins, at Grandpa and Grandma's....

This weekend signifies the Christmas celebration for our family....and I cannot wait!!!

Kyle and I woke up early this morning to get in a workout before Big E woke up....

he likes to rise early....

I heard the 12 days of Christmas song on the radio the previous week and thought that would be a cute theme for a workout.....

2 rounds of above workout, 30 minutes yoga work

some #inversionarmy #day14 #day15
After completing mine I wanted to see what other12 Days of Christmas workouts were out there and I found a couple that I really liked and are on my "workouts" to do list
Carissa @ Fit 2 Flex uses dice, fun!!!
InspiredJourneyFitness shared a good one too

Getting ready to head into work for our Staff Christmas party.  Always a great time, with lots of great food.  

Do you like the song 12 Days of Christmas?  It is not one of my favorites...


  1. Great workout idea girl, I'm still working on a handstand push-up!

    1. Thanks! I am constantly a work in progress on handstand pushups!


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