LIke I have said previously, Christmas was always big in our house growing up
and lots of traditions were made...
I got to start one with my boys last night...
because they are both at an age where they can remain attentive for more than 30 seconds....

Last nights tradition checklist checkoff.....
we watched...
The Grinch who stole Christmas

 we drank 
hot chocolate

I went to Bootcamp this a.m.

and was craving cereal for Breakfast and cold milk (almond milk)
Cascadian Farms Chocolate O's and Purely O's, Quaker Oat Squares
I am grocery shopping Friday, I am in desperate need of eggs, fruit, etc...

Lunch was a pear salad with romaine lettuce, cranberries, and apples...
it came with Parmesan cheese but I scraped off most of it (not a sprinkle Parmesan fan)

Look for meal plans and shopping list tomorrow...

Do you meal plan?
Do you buy weekly groceries?

P.S.S I will be posting a workout tonight, noticed I haven't done that in bad:)


  1. yea! love these traditions. Hot chocolate and the grinch! perfect.

  2. Casey, which fitness watch are you wearing in this picture? I have been wanting one that calculates/tracks calories burned. It looks like yours does that.


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