This morning has tested me...

I have had quite the morning already...and not so much fun.......

1. I got smoked by a 15 year old boy at bootcamp today while we were doing minute sprints(which I loathe anyway)....I could hang with him for about 30 seconds but then I was sucking wind....I hate getting beat by anyone...

2. My husband laughed at me when I told him the aforementioned bootcamp situation....he thought it was hilarious because I was mad about being beat by a 15 year old.....and that is how the fight started........  :)
3. Some *&^%&* lady pulled out in front of me on my way to work, and my life flashed before my eyes....seriously...I had to slam on the brakes, and veer right...straight into the ditch....luckily and thankfully god was watching,  I was on the edge of the ditch and could drive out....
*side note: she is lucky I had to go to work because i would of turned that car around so fast and tailed her to her destination....and asked her what the hell she was doing and made a citizens arrest.......road rage, I like to call it concerned citizen action...

So, here is hoping for a better afternoon...

5 a.m. Bootcamp
a little #sweattostreet action

         Nike Compression Shorts                                             Hudson Jeans(Dillards Clearance)
          Hylete Shirt                                                                 Old Shirt from Old Navy Clearance
                                                                   Boots: One of my thousand pairs Cowboy Boots-Durango
                                                                                                Scarf: Avon
 Nike Pro Combat Compression Shorts(one of my favorites)

Come home to see my youngest "shaving" with his dad

Supper last night was a fast one...
Curry Hamburgers grilled on the George Foreman
Whole wheat wrap
Side of OreIda Hasbrown Potatoes for the boys

Breakfast this morning
IsaPro Protein Powder, Isagenix
1 cup spinach
1 teaspoon Pumpkin Spice
1 frozen banana

I have a feeling this day might take forever knowing that 
  • Thanksgiving is tomorrow which means heading home to see the family
  • 4 day vacation
  • Shopping with the sisters
  • Chopping down our Christmas Tree tradition
  • Putting up Christmas Decorations
So much to be thankful for!!!

Are you traveling? It has been so foggy here the last couple of days...I feel bad for those trying to fly.


  1. LOL!! Yes you got smoked but you did mention he was 15!! and you are still a rock star and could have handed us our butts if we were your partner! LOVE the picture of your son and dad moment.. priceless!! Hope you and your family a great Thanksgiving!!

    1. Oh don't you guys worry, I am going to be extra fun for you guys on Tuesday and Thursday since you were all so eager to "razz" me while I was running...:) Have a great Thanksgiving!


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