Lots of Thankfuls

The beginning of the trip to grandma and grandpa's house


I write from my parents living room surrounded by the soft hue of some Christmas lights

We all know i love this time of year....

and I love being around family

and I love the smells ( my mom is baking her apple pie as we speak and the wafting of deliciousness envelopes me)

must wait till tomorrow to eat,

must not sneak a taste or mom will cut off my arm......

This was a filling/fantastic snack today
                                                                  Cottage Cheese
                                                                  Pineapple Slices
                                                                  My homemade granola

Looking forward to some delicious food. I really don't have to cook anything, because my mom and her 4 sisters do everything...and they know what they are doing....

What are you preparing for Thanskgiving? 

Kyle and I are preparing for a little run to get our Thanksgiving started off right...

Happy Thanksgiving all!


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