Fate...and Rocktape

It was as if someone knew that this was going to be needed............

I have a feeling I may have overdone the twist abs at Bootcamp...and now I am having some lower back issues......

and it mostly hurts when I am doing crunches or ab work,

so putting two and two together I am going to lay off the abs for a day or two...

It was as if Morgan at Smack Media knew and she sent me this Rocktape to try out and give it a go. 

Today is the first day I used it and it says you can leave it on for 5 days.  I will let you know my thoughts on it and it's effectiveness.


  1. looks promising...can't wait to see how that stuff works...on another note..I have decided to write a series of blog posts about being thankful..for the month of November...I am trying to start a "Count your many blessings" movement within the blogging community...I will post on Sunday the 4th for Nov. 1-4 then next week 5-11 and so on...are ya with me? Pass it along either way, blessings and hugs!


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