Weekend Recap and a "Time Crunch" Superset

Antique shopping at Little Prairie Girl,Farm life and kitties, lots of reading, cuddle time with my Jenzie, aggressiveness during our card games, pictures B colored for me from the Zebra Paint app on my android, B taking a billion pictures of Grandpa and Big E...


A great Bootcamp session and then this leg/arm superset...my legs are still burning today..I was out of my GNC Prosculpt for a day but restocked last night, and glad I did, I can definitely feel the difference with my workout output!  More energized at 5 a.m with my prosculpt!


Supper was a quick pasta put together for the boys since I had volleyball league last night(yes we won) and forgot to take pictures...fun times! 

Do you play on any recreation leagues?  I would really like to get on a " ultra competitive" volleyball league...so I am researching my options.  I miss it! 


  1. mmm that first eats looks delicious! I play rec softball! It's fun until the old men start getting angry haha.

    1. Thanks! I love softball too! Old men are awful with competition!!!


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