Still Harvesting...

We are still harvesting corn around here, 3 inches of rain over the weekend halted progress, but last night, the boys were back at it.....

my goal/dream: for K to be able to farm either I have to win the lottery or grow a money tree...easy peasy

While the boys were playing working

I was slaving sweating away cooking supper and trying to find some countertop underneath all the dirty dishes, no such luck

Went and rescued K from the kids taking over the combine, ate supper, Big E went to bed shortly after, and B and I worked on his words, numbers, and telling time. 

I hit a wall after eating supper, said screw the dishes (it drove me nuts knowing they were just sitting there, dirty, festering....)

But that shows you how tired I was

B loves learning, and I love that!  I will admit though, I am a little nervous about when he gets older and needs help with homework

Don’t be hatin' but …. momma’s focus in school was  P.E., Reading, and Sports…

Good thing dad is good at math, chemistry, science, etc…, I will defer all questions to him...I aint scared...

Yoga...easy relaxing session since I was so tired
Egg/Pear on 12 grain bread

 Monthly lunch outing for work
I got the smoked turkey and sweet potato fries(absolutely delish), could only eat half so the other half was a nice afternoon snack...

Loved that they put the calorie count of each meal on the menu and was shocked at the amount of calories in some of the meals...

Roasted veggies and broccoli slaw spinach salad
Topped with some Nutritional Yeast, and a splash of ketchup

 Yoga posing...

 Does it bother you to leave dishes on the counter? I can't stand it!


  1. I hope the restaurant decides to keep the calorie count on the menu. Apparently Buffalo Wild Wings had put the calorie count on their menu items, but they had so many customers complaints about how people did not want to know the calorie count that they removed them. It is sad that our society is that vain that they will eat the items, as long as they don't know the calorie count??? Bazar!

    Some states are requiring restaurants to post the calorie counts on their menus through legislation. The state of Washington is one of those states. I was in such appreciation of that when we visited Seattle a few years ago. I wish more states would jump on board with it.

    1. Complaining? Must not want the guilty feelings of eating 1200 plus calorie meals. Wow. I think the idea is great! Thanks or stopping by.


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