Just call me Katniss....

....only there are no children being hunted in my story
side note: have not read the "Hunger Games" or seen the movie...my friend Amy says I am "Katniss" and I need to watch it
something about the idea of hunting kids kind of scares me...

It is hunting time in this household so K-Hubs and I  went out for our first "bow hunt" of the year
can you see us? :)
True story....scared off two big bucks as we were walking to our stand....
...turns out those were the only two deer that we were going to see that night
....oh well, got some quality time with the hubs and it was a beautiful night out

 We are up in our treestand, and I am not a fan of heights....but I suck it up and climb and hope that I don't fall off

Of course, bow practice beforehand is a family affair

Some cuteness...

I love being a part of the fitness blogging community, so many great minds, so many great workouts.  I used one from my friend Lindsay for my workout Saturday and added my own spin to it since I need to log some running miles.
This is her workout I used and then I added 400's in between each stability exercise and tabata burst...loved it!

Just a couple of breakfast ones
Egg Scramble with Bacon, Spinach, and Yellow Peppers

I got a lot of posts that need to go out, if someone could please add a couple more hours to the day, I would appreciate it.

What did you do this weekend?  Our weather was fantastic here...I hope it continues!


  1. Hey lady I have awarded you the Sunshine award...come on by and pick it up

    1. Thanks! I will try to get those questions answered:)

  2. i like that you added in more arms and 400's! even more bad ass. like you are! and i love hunting, so peaceful.

    1. Thanks girlie!!! I also know that I hate stability ball pushups so thanks for reminding me of that!


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