I might have a few Acorn Squash....

First night of volleyball league is in the books


fun...absolutely, but I think we did more "catching" up than paying attention to what was going on

did we win....do you have to ask:) 


Bootcamp, Yoga

BLT Salad with apples, pears, and dried cranberries
We had pumpkins and squash to harvest so supper was a quick throw together.

Whole Wheat "Caprese Salad" Tortillas...Tomatoes, Mozzarella and Basil on Whole Wheat Tortilla
 All the boys....yep, no girls on my husband's family side...
Our "loot"  I have a buttload of acorn squash to freeze and bake with

I have been participating in two "challenges" on instagram and the blogerverse...one is with @growsoulbeautiful on instagram and it involves a yoga pose a day and taking a picture of it...which is helping out with my #yogaaday challenge with Courtney.
You would think as a Yoga Instructor I would have no issues getting my yoga in, but it is not that easy...this is getting me back into my groove.

 My first two pictures, not good lighting...but at least I am getting the yoga in and getting the pictures done....

I even got the hubby participating...


  1. I love the idea of yoga but I can't hold the poses for too long a time...also I love squash! looks delish!

    1. Doesn't matter how long you hold the poses, the stretching and the breathing are the focus!

    2. Hlding the poses comes with practice...focus on doing the poses correctly with breathing and then the endurance will come! Thanks!


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