Harvest Time, Single Parenting, and Tilapia Tower of Power

Nothing to much to report around here,
life is trudging flying by at warp speed

through the suddenly colder temps, through harvest...
and through single parenting nights.....

 (these are really old pictures..and am shocked that I haven't taken any this year, I guess I really have been busy)



 2 ingredient pancake with Sunbutter 

Camera was evidently non existent for salad at lunch
Enjoyed this Tilapia concoction for supper and it was so good, and I owe it to my husbands fantastic salsa making...

Tilapia Tower of Power
Layer 1: Tilapia on a pan with tin foil 
Spread or spray either coconut oil or olive oil so the fish doesn't stick to foil
Layer 2: Spinach
Layer 3: Fresh Salsa or your favorite type of salsa
Layer 4: Orange Peppers
Layer 5: Jalapeno Infused Olives (and no they are not hot, they are so good)
Layer 6: I added some sharp cheddar cheese to the boys side, but left it off of mine, and added Nutritional yeast to my side
Bake 15-20 minute or until fish is flaky, serve and enjoy!

Then after supper I got a jump start on roasting my millions of acorn squash.  This batch is frozen for later use.  I am using the next batch for breakfast acorn squash...can't wait! 

Tidibts for today:

They scheduled my sister to be induced on Monday the 15th...
My other sister and I hang out with her while she waits, love the time with them, hate the waiting to know what it is:)
Weekend Half Marathon plans might change...crap...trying to figure out what to do...

What do you roast your acorn squash with? I used coconut oil and honey with these, and it was fantastic. 


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