Change of plans

So I am not going to be running my half marathon this weekend....

Cousin is getting married and having a wedding shower.....

Sister is having a baby and scheduled induced on other sister and I will be there with her(want all the exciting details...follow me on instagram for all the gory ,juiscy, details :) (cswfityoga)

My boys need some time with their cousins...since we live two hours away, getting them together is always fun and aunt Casey needs her neice fix...and her mommy, daddy, aunt, grandpa, horsey fix all it's chaos..but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Oh well, at least I got some great training in...and will be prepared for another one..

I get a $30 tshirt out of the deal!! Score!   ha.ha.

Since I am behind I am just going to post things randomly, different eats...I forget where I left off but here we go...
Bootcamp, Yoga, Treadmill Runs, Crossfit 
(I am so behind on my Yoga poses for @growsoulbeautiful, so I have to make up a lot of ground)

Well, I am off to get things packed up and ready to go...for my trip back.  Should be lots of fun...but before I leave you, enjoy these photos of  
Things you might have seen on Instagram this week.... 
if you follow me cswfityoga (hint, cough)

My husband dressed my son....I will let the picture "roar" for itself

 I laughed at our 5 a.m. Bootcamp as we were doing our "600" workout
 I brought sexy back by rocking the banana clip
 And we did a little Tabata on Tuesday...
When is the last time you wore a banana clip?


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