Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

The weekends just fly by around here....

I get so excited when Friday rolls around

I love Fridays, I love knowing that I have two days to spend with the family

clean...(yes I love to clean)

have kyle work on fun projects for me...and I am super stoked about the one he just will all be set up tonight so I can show you the pictures after it.

Here is what happened at Casa de Wetjen this weekend...

Friday night, we took the family to a "Thank you for helping me put our deck on" grill out hosted by my brother-in-laws father....we enjoyed hamburgers, 7 layer salad, and no bake cookies.....good food, good times


First day of basketball

P.S. I am a basketball player, Kyle is a wrestler....B is involved in both at this point but it will be a battle for me to win this war, against his DAD, with wrestling vs basketball (ultimately it is B's decision, blah blah blah)  but I am stubborn and will not go down with a fight!  :)

Breakfast was Natures's Pride 12 Grain bread with Sunbutter, banana, and chia of my favorites and it was enough to fuel me throughout the practice. 

Saturday Afternoon I got in some treadmill sprints/intervals for 3 miles and a Shoulder Superset Workout...( accidentally stopped the app before I was finished)
and we made Halloween cut out cookies

Saturday night brought our Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest
(courtesy photo of B)
Look at that concentration
We don't mess around people

B actually stuck his hand and cleaned his pumpkin out, only took 5 years to like the slimy goo inside!!! but he loved it
 Baby S(about to make her debut) got in on the action
  Big E was not a fan of the pumpkin carving, so he decided to go to bed after pizza
Doesn't his face scream WHAT THE....????
The finished product
Vote in the comment section if you want!  


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