When 2 miles feels like 4.........

It's when you head out in the jogging stroller pushing a 5 year old and a beefy 1 1/2 year old in the double stroller, with flat tires, up hills, on gravel...

..that is when 2 miles feels like 4...

at one point B asked me if I was walking or jogging....and that is how the fight started:)
We live about 2 miles out of town so it was is supposed to be a nice easy jog into the park...

We, I, made it through because tonight's jog had a purpose, head to the park to teach B to ride his bike without training wheels...this has been on our "list" of things to do this summer

....nothing like waiting till the last minute

Super flat tire=bike training fail
 I guess we will have to try again some other night...

Good things supper was already in the crockpot waiting cause I was in no mood to cook  

Bootcamp/Biceps/Back Strength, Above Mentioned Jog...
 UnderArmour tee, and tank(running) shoes are NIKE...we live 5 minutes from the Reebok, Nike, and UnderArmour outlet, I am always stalking the clearance rack deals...
1 slice of 12 grain bread from Nature's Pride
1 egg, 1 egg white 
Some diced onions and peppers 
BLT and a PB and Chocolate Chip Larabar
Taco Lettuce Boats
Place in crockpot the below ingredients:
1.5 pounds of ground lean beef
1 can of Fire Roasted Tomatoes
optional: squash (just because I had some leftover and I love it)
Set on low for 6 hours

Take leaves of Romaine Lettuce, place on plate
Fill with seasoned meat
Top with your choice of toppings...lots of possibilities
I chose Chobani Honey Vanilla Greek Yogurt(in lieu of sour cream) for some sweetness 

*The boys chose Avocado, shredded cheese,sour cream, and salsa...and they wrapped theirs in a whole wheat tortilla wrap

P.S. I have another crockpot meal cooking away today, pork shoulder roast that we are making into sliders tonight after the Homecoming festivities...I LOVE MY CROCKPOT...I am thinking I should do a 365 days of crockpot recipes challenge....

Do you use a crockpot? 


  1. I have had runs...walks...days like that...at least you had the dinner ready...lol! Blessings!

    1. YES! Having the dinner ready was such a relief! Thanks for stopping by!


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