Tuesday Two-fer Workouts

As I mentioned here, K-Hubs and I went for a run in Chicago the morning before the wedding....and I really needed to get a leg workout in but the weight room did not open until 8a.m. and that would be cutting it pretty close to prep time for the big day....so, while we were running I saw a bunch of benches scattered amongst the trail....

Bench WOD (x3):
20 Thrusters
15 Walking Lunges each side

 And while the hubs was showering I did a twist plank/pushup/dips combination...

Hotel Room WOD x 3
Do a pushup
extend arm into arm for a side plank
bring arm back down and bring through underneath chest...
10 each side
20 Dips

Monday's Workout:

WIWI (What I Workout In): UnderArmour V-Neck Semi Fitted Tee, UnderArmour Running Pants, Nike Frees


Breakfast: 2 ingredient pancakes....again...I love that it fills me up till lunch...
  Lunch:  Chicken Breast and lettuce(missing from picture) 
Supper: Chicken Breast, Roasted Cabbage, Roasted Butternut Squash..nutritional yeast sprinkled on top

So there you go...two-fer Tuesday..two workouts, two times the fun! 

Have you tried nutritional yeast.  I like it alot.  Tastes just like cheese.


  1. love nutritional yeast, and brewers yeast! try that next!

    1. I have seen brewers yeast popping up on the blogosphere. I will put that on my list!

  2. I am liking your push-up plank combo, especially since it involves rotation and balance. You are one motivated exerciser! How was the wedding? http://funandfit.org/back-stretches-wrong-and-right-way-tips/

    1. Thanks! It is a burner that is for sure. The wedding was fantastic. Great time in Chicago with the hubs. Thanks for the capcha heads up. I think I got it off!

  3. you rock girl! love those wod's! I must try them out sometime! Thanks for sharing! (:

    1. Thanks! Let me know how it goes for you, I love hearing feeback!

  4. Great job getting the workout in, even in the parks and hotel rooms! I love that plank combo... gonna have to try it.

    1. Thank You! It was even more fun having the hubs be able to do it with me.

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