It's raining babies..and showers

What a great weekend with family and friends....celebrating a new bundle of "girl" coming to our way....

see the 3 pink arrows...all "buns in the oven" , due in October, November and January....going to be crazy up in here! 

all those beautiful cousins......the husbands/boyfriends are soooo lucky!!!

Can't forget to mention our babysitter while we were enjoying great conversation, great food, and lots of dad...watching him play with our kids makes my heart swell...I was so blessed to have him as a father and now my children are blessed to have him as a grandpa...



Reused picture because it is the same thing
2 ingredient pancake w/sunbutter but no jelly today!

Chicken and Rice Soup with veggies, slice of watermelon

Chicken Salad(from the baby shower) with flat out multigrain/flax bread

What is your favorite chicken salad recipe?  This was catered and it was really good...not heavy, a very light chicken salad!


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