I got my groove on...

Well, not really, I don't really have a groove but I got my "sprints" on....with the treadmill....

okay, I get it,

I suck at being funny in blogs....moving on


Morning Bootcamp was 100's day...and then I came home to finish up my workout with some half marathon training....which included 7 X 400's today at 5-K pace...I set the treadmill at 8.5 and away I went...sprint for .25, rest for .10....legs were tired from last nights WOD, but still felt strong running!


Breakfast: Egg White Scramble with Squash and Spinach, a side of strawberries

Lunch: Leftovers from last nights pork roast, carrots, and roasted broccoli slaw...with some squash thrown in

I was not very hungry so I had a Chobani and a piece of 12 grain bread. 

Nothing exciting on the home front. I should start packing for Chicago...did I mention I am so excited to go.  Can't wait...

Where should we go in Chicago?


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