Friday Fun Night

Bit bummed out right of when this is posting I was supposed to be jumping out of an airplane to cross this off my #fitfluential bucket list...

but, family issues arise and things happen...

mark my words, I will do it....oh yes, I will


...your lucky day, no sweaty picture of me after Bootcamp..

....balance, abs, and cardio...a great mix and sorry for the sweat trail people following behind me in the circuit...okay, I am not really sorry, they should know by now  :) at work we walked to raise money for Alzheimer's.... 


1 slice of Nature's Pride 12 Grain Bread
1 egg 
1 egg white
handful o' spinach
nutritional yeast
some organic jam for sweetness


Tonight was spent with the family...

I am such a mom-geek, I was excited all day to go running shoe shopping with the boys and then supper at HuHot's...

I just love doing these things as a family...

We both got new shoes, we were miles past new ones on our old pairs.  Mizuno Inspire for me, Saucony for him.  Trying them out today on my treadmill run.  Can't wait!


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