What a great weekend thus far and I love knowing that I get one more extra day of vacation. Friday night football has begun and it was our first home game...the weather was beautiful, we got to "tailgate" at our friends house pre-game, and the Raiders got a V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! 

Some great workouts..................WOD, Tempo Runs,Strength Training

Some eats......

Breakfasts: Egg Scrambles, 2 ingredient pancakes
Lunches: Same both days, ww turkey wrap with spinach, tomatoes, and avocado
Suppers: "Tailgate" party, Bowl of Kashi Go Lean cereal, blueberries
Snacks: Banana Bowls with #GNC Egg Protein syrup, crumbled pumpkin/fig muffins
And today, I was confirmed in our church.  I was not an "official member" of my husband and in-laws church and after 10 years I figured I should probably take the plunge.  So, this morning, I put on my Sunday best and stood in front of the church and said my "vows" (with a group including my sister-in-law, because the Lord knows I don't stand up in front of people by myself)

Afterwards, I got a fun suprise...the in-laws had a "confirmation party" for my sister in law and I.  Lots of great food, great friends, and totally unexpected.  ONe thing about my in-laws, when there is a chance to celebrate, they take advantage.  It was so generous and kind of them and very much appreciated....especially the leftover cake which I will be devouring tonight!
 Homemade Ice Cream...was well received


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