Chicago or Bust...

We all know I have OCD issues, and that I have plans and lists, and I like to stick to those plans and lists…..

So what happens when things don’t follow my plans and lists schedule….

We still have a FABULOUS TIME and things work out even better….


wanted to depart around 8:15, officially on the road by 9:15

 wanted to head to Navy Pier and downtown Chicago..instead we enjoyed lunch at Joes Crab Shack

 and running shoe shopping at Schaumburg Mall…except we didn't find any shoes :(
..but I did find this....and I am kept my iced soy chai tea latte cold from Chicago to home, seriously....there was still ice in it.....( yes, I drink slow... we had to get home and I didn't want to make pit stops)

That night we were supposed to meet up with an high school friend…didn’t happen, but got to eat at a great pizza place Tree Guys Pizza and relax sweat in the hot tub back at the hotel

Veggie for the lady...jalapeno and italian sausage for him....

Saturday- The Day of the Wedding

Everything was beautiful. 

We started out our day with a run(separate post on workout coming later) trying to get a good shot of the fountain behind us...(my eyes look really scary in this picture...)

Ran into this….scared him back into his hole before he could spray us


What we Wore:

Ceremony #1 and #2 and reception. This was my first Indian wedding and it was beautiful, and it  is remarkable the details and the rituals that are involved.  I was entranced the whole time. 

Since we didn’t get to visit my friend on Friday we rescheduled for Saturday(we had a break in the wedding action from 1:30-6), which worked out perfectly because our Iowa Hawkeyes were playing and we did not get that channel at our hotel.  Off we went to watch the game with them….happy change of plans, despite the loss we suffered to our in state rivals…

Things I learned from this wedding:
-  Indian food and I do not get along at all...spicy does not work well for me, my mouth, or stomach( I had to try it, I had never had Indian food before)
- I was really digging the music they was so full of energy....


Early morning departure to get back for hubby’s football game, he helps coach, and to see my boys......

who by the way had a stellar time with their grandparents and aunt… trips to here and there, parks, restaurants, donuts.  I am surprised they wanted us back. 

We are so blessed to have such a great support system that allows us to take these trips together

So there was our Chicago trip in a nutshell....An absolutely wonderful weekend spent with the hubs...


  1. Oh yikes, you should have taken it easy with your first time with Indian food. They usually kick it up a few on the spicy factor for weddings.
    Even I think it's too spicy and I am Indian!

    1. LOL, I only took little bites but wanted to try it so I nibbled on each, but it was still to hot for me. I am bit of a wimp!

  2. Oh no, I looove Indian food. You guys look adorable all dressed up!

    1. Thank you so much. I probably wouldn't mind it if I could tolerate the spiciness.


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