Why I am a "Eat Clean" devotee!

I forgot to share this on my blog when I was guest posting for Lindsay's List.  Someone questioned me about Clean Eating and I could not find it on my blog, so here I am re-posting if for them......

I love that I get to share with you today my decision to eat clean and what it has done for me personally, physically, and financially for my family.

Here is the who, what, where, when how’s of eating clean for me…..
Who can eat clean:
Anyone who wants to eat healthier, wants to feel better, have better skin,…
What is eating clean:
Eating clean is “eating the way nature intended”   That means avoiding processed foods, eating lots of  nutrient dense foods. I cook and bake mostly from scratch, focusing on using healthy grains, and limit my sugar  try to limit my sugar….I am human people
When do I eat clean:
Eating clean is not a “diet” for me…it is a lifestyle change and I try to follow it each day…sure there are days when I lose focus, eat stuff I shouldn’t, go out to restaurants and indulge in things that aren’t on my list, but the next day I just regroup(even when I make a poor choice of food I still think in the back of my head, “which of these bad choices, would favor the eat clean diet more” and I like that )
Where can I buy food so I can eat clean:
The OUTSIDE PERIMETER of the grocery store my friends and I stuff my grocery cart full of  lean proteins, fruits, vegetables…rarely do I go to the “middle” where the processed stuff sits on the shelf, beckoning me to “try just one”.,  and when I do, it is for whole grain pastas, whole wheat breads, brown rices, and beans…..getting hungry thinking about food writing this post
Why do I eat clean:
I eat clean because I love the feeling knowing that I am putting good foods into my body, I am avoiding weight gain which can lead to various diseases, it stables blood sugar levels, and my skin is better.  My workouts are better because I have more energy from the foods I eat.  My kids see healthy options and in turn will hopefully make good choices in the future.  The list goes on and on.
Lastly HOW can you eat like that and afford it(I get this from my brother in laws a lot)
First off, I have saved money eating clean…when you buy produce it can be used for so many recipes throughout the week, it can be frozen for later…I plan my meals out and only buy the groceries I need for those meals.  That has helped tremendously.  Secondly, the food tastes so good, (how can it not when you are using fresh produce ). There are countless websites that provide fabulous recipes that my family and I have enjoyed.  I love finding new recipes and things to try.
So there, you have it, my take on eating clean.  I hope you enjoyed and peaked your curiosity.  Some great resources that got me started were Tosca Reno books, I have all of them, Clean Eating Magazine is fantastic and they came out with great cookbooks too.


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