Weekend Recap,Crossfit, the Circus, and Roasted Broccoli Slaw

Well, the kids are in bed, the hubby is at a football meeting, and I have the house cleaned.  What is a girl to do, turn on the t.v. ( I like background noise) and recap the weekend....which was perfect, just like the weather! 

Saturdays weather was beautiful.  I got a great Crossfit WOD courtesy of WODBoxApp

 and strength workout completed while one kid napped and the other worked out along side me. This is what I had for breakfast to refuel...

Spinach protein pancake with almond butter and bananas...

The circus came to town and of course we had to go. Hubs was at a bachelor party so it was just me and the boys!  Everyone loves the lions, tigers, and clowns...well everyone except Big E, my 18 month old.  He loved the lions, tigers, but did not like the clown. I can see why, the face paint, the big feet, the red nose...it could be traumatic...so he just turned around and laid his head on my shoulder while the clown did his thing, then resumed watching once the clown was done.

We got home, grilled up some hamburgers and sweet fries( sorry no pics, was busy trying to get the kids fed and ready for bed since we were home late from the circus) They were cashed and slept till 7:30 and 9:30 on Sunday morning...

Sunday was a rainy day, and boy did we need it.  The Hubs still had his golf tourney(he got 1st place) and we spent the majority of the day in this....blanket tent.....I wanted it really dark and it took like 14 blankets but we got it done, and we watched our movies from inside the tent....well 2 of us did, Big E stayed for 5 minutes at a time and then had better things to play with!

and eating these........paleo chocolate chip cookies...I got the kid stamp of approval by B who said they were awesome!

Why do they look like they fell on the floor, uh, because they did, while I was removing them from the oven.... when they were really hot and soft and mushy....so then they cooled all deformed.... but hey, who am I trying to impress...they won't last long with the boys.

I also managed to get in a 4 mile treadmill walk at 4.5 miles an hour on a 3 % incline.  I wanted to loosen up the legs and read more of my book on my android kindle...

and lastly for supper.......scrambled eggs with lean turkey sausage and salsa atop roasted broccoli slaw...it was soooooo gooood...you have to try roasted broccoli slaw...I got a bag at costco and figured since I roasted all my other veggies might as well try this...pretty easy too. 

Broccoli Slaw
I bag of Broccoli Slaw
Coconut or Olive Oil Spray
Seasonings of your choice..I used Italian Seasoning (Basil, Thyme, Parsley, etc)
I sprayed my cookie pan so it didn't stick and then placed slaw on pan.  Sprayed the broccoli slaw while tossing it with my fingers.  Then proceeded to sprinkle seasonings on while tossing with fingers again.  Wow, I am using some pretty amazing culinary words aren't I!!
Anyways, roast for about 15-20 minutes and enjoy

It was a great, great weekend with the boys...
Working full time I really miss my guys and having weekend where there is nothing to do but be with them is so much fun and I savor every moment!

This week is going to be packed.  Thursday we are starting our vacation...State Fair, Aquarium, and visiting friends and family.  Should be fun.  Hope you are ready for the ride!

Have you tried Roasted Broccoli Slaw?  If not, you should!


  1. LOVE reading my Kindle while I'm walking - can't do it while running though!! Not nearly coordinated enough haha

    1. Haha Leah, I so get dizzy when I try running and reading...and I know I would find some way to hurt myself on that treadmill if I attempted it.

  2. I love to see athletes using our app to train! Thanks again Casey for the positive comments about WodBox app! If there is anything we can do to make it better please let us know. Take care! -Mark D. Nolan

    1. Thanks Mark! Love the app and love sharing it with others. It so great for those of us that can't get to a box but can experience the crossfit workouts at home!

  3. Protein Spinach Pancakes...Miam! I added Chat Masala to mine and they were amazing!

    Have a great vacation!

    p.s. no matter the shape of a cookie, they're still good :)

    1. Thanks Kierston- I have two young ones so entertaining them is pretty easy with vacations at this point!
      P.S. You know it!

  4. Those cookies look delish, it really only matters what they taste like. When my boys were small we would make these tents and hang out together. They are now bigger than I am and getting bigger every day, I miss when they were my little guys, sometimes. Now I get to see them graduate and get married and more...good times!


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