Weekend Recap.....

Hello all!  Hope your weekend was fantastic.  Ours was awesome, there was nothing on the schedule for me and E anyways, K-Hubs and B had football, so I got a lot of cleaning done picked up what E kept getting out after I had already put it away! But I love seeing toys strewn about the floor, means we are having some fun!  

Weekend Recap:
Workout....was....this and it kicked my butt!

Tried Pro-Sculpt Blue Raz...liked my fruit punch better, so I exchanged it and all is right with the world again:..and it fueled my Saturday workout!

 Nothing interesting for eats this weekend, just a few highlights. 
A yummy chicken breast and avocado wrap for lunch on Saturday
Lean Turkey egg scramble for breakfast time
Mini Cinnamon rolls for Sunday morning, so easy and so tasty I could pry eat the whole pan!
Saturday night....husband's 15 year high school reunion, pretty sure the wives had more fun!  I love my friends!

P.S. When I do go out  and want a drink, I am a beer drinker, Select 55 to be exact...K-Hubs says it is like drinking water...whatev's.  What do you like?


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