We rocked the first day of KINDERGARTEN

I admit it, I didn't sleep well last night, thoughts running rampant..... the impending first school bus ride, by himself,.........the first day of being at Kindergarten, all day...I am a worrier, and when it comes to my kids, very protective and even more of a worrier...

I worry that he will be scared on the bus and at school and want his mom, but I am not there,
I worry kids will be mean to him, but I am not there, to beat them up discuss their actions and how we need to be nice to everyone
I worry that life is going to fast, and if I am making memories my two boys will remember years down the road, like my mom and dad did

I worried that he would be scared riding the bus...he literally sprinted to the bus
and I worried that he would be scared to go to school in a  new place

not looking so scared is he...........
and I worried about making memories for my kids....we made one today and continued a tradition from when I was in school....breakfast casserole on the first day of school

So, why do I worry?  Because I am a mom and that is what I do, but I also have to have faith that I have raised my son to be brave, be kind, be careful, and respectful of others and let him find his wings to fly......(what, a little to corny, pssh, it is how I am coping)

 And this is just for your viewing pleasure( and to make Amber mad;)...this is B's future mother in law(lord help us)(arranged marriage)..her girl and B have grown up together and are a week apart in age...and they are in the same class this year!!!


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